Artic tern II Phone Case




  • Free shipping
  • Snap case for lightweight protection from scrapes and scratches
  • Exceptionally strong specialist plastic material
  • Wide range of options for brands including: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC
  • Full 3D image wrap print surrounding every surface
  • Beautiful print quality and finish
  • "Tough case" style available for some models
  • Available in Matte or Gloss finish
  • Shipped usually within 5 working days

"Arctic tern II" is an oil painting on canvas. When Sesselja was growing up in Ólafsvík she often went Arnarstapi and Hellnar on Sundays with her younger siblings to swim in the sea, pick berries and enjoy the nature. She didn't like the birds Artic tern ( ) because of their aggressive behavior. But when she grew up she learned to love them because of their strong drive to take care of their young. There is quite a large arctic tern colony in the village Arnarstapi, the next village to Hellnar. The birds migrate from their northern breeding grounds to the Antarctic coast for the southern summer and back again about six months later. These are by far the longest migrations known in the animal kingdom.