About the artist


Sesselja Tómasdóttir was born and raised in Ólafsvík, Iceland, where the glacier Snæfellsjökull rises as the highest of mountains and the sunset and sunrise are magnificent. As a child she played outdoors in the wild nature, whether by the sea or in the mountains. In her upbringing, she enjoyed listening to legends about ghosts, trolls and elves.

Sesselja earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in teaching visual arts from the Iceland College of Education (1991-1994) and directly pursued her undergraduate studies at the Iceland University of the Arts (LHI), where she completed a B. Fa.-degree in 1999. When she was in LHI, she stayed as an exchange student for three months at the Winchester School of Arts in Winchester, England, which is in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Art in London. There, Sesselja enjoyed training from first-class professors along with museum trips to London, Amsterdam and Paris. Sesselja is a member of The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists  (SÍM) 

Sesselja’s works are inspired by her reflections on trust in her own perception and the idea that true knowledge can only be found within ourselves. Identify the voice in your own heart. Dare to be a part of the whole world, as a participant in one big spiritual process. A spiritual being that grows out of common, infinitely fertile soil with respect and connection to its environment.

In her work, Sesselja paints with fine oil colours on canvas, and sometimes uses mixed media where she works with photocopies, drawings, and painting with oil.

The art prints are printed from photographs of the original paintings by a professional Icelandic photographer, Gudmundur Ingolfsson. The art prints are printed by  professional companies that guarantees 100+ year colour guarantee, professional color management, 12-colour Ficlée printers and Museum quality process and materials.